27 January 2012

Hey, It's Mama Milk!

When I was pregnant with Aedyn I stocked up on free samples. A lot of free samples. And I had more than a few formula samples. Different brands, different sizes. I asked for them all. I was afraid that either I wouldn't have enough milk or something would happen to and Jake wouldn't be able to feed Aedyn.

I threw them all out when we moved having never used or even opened a single one.

I had what I would call casual support, no one was ever overtly unsupportive, but I also never really felt like I had a cheering section either. It never really struck me as odd. Breastfeeding is normal and was thought of as normal in my social sphere. No one applauded me for making my own meals, so why should they when I feed my baby what they're supposed to eat?

With my experience with Lacatation Consultants I am quick to remind new nursing moms that the "experts" don't know everything even though they are loaded with a lot of great information. If it doesn't feel right or sound right, get a second, or third, or fourth opinion. If it does feel right, do a happy dance! Go with your gut and do what works for you and your baby.

That's why when I heard about Support With Integrity via The Breastfeeding BlogHop I jumped on board right away. I love that this targets those within the breastfeeding community. It reminds us that no matter the situation a Breastfeeding Mom needs support; it doesn't matter if Mom's breastfeeding only once per day and giving formula for the rest of the time, she's breastfeeding! Age, number of feedings, and other parenting beliefs aside, baby is getting Mama Milk!
Support with Integrity

Take a moment to read the pledge, go sign and steal the badge, it's worth the time!

Support With Integrity Pledge                 
• I PLEDGE to use my energy to help defuse dogmatic battles about what technique, position, frequency, equipment, duration or organization a woman chooses for breastfeeding. I affirm that my time is best spent directing my positive, encouraging support toward helping mamas successfully breastfeed.
• I PLEDGE to keep my ego in check, while treating other breastfeeding boosters, lactation facilitators, breastfeeding organizations, and mothers respectfully, knowing that we're all working toward the common goal of providing breast milk for babies. I also welcome respectful disagreement with my own opinions and accept that disruptive disagreement is counter to the goal of helping mamas feed their babies.
• I PLEDGE to agree that there are many right ways to breastfeed a baby. A breastfeeding mother should not feel pressure or judgment to perform a specific way. There isn't a "wrong way" as long as the breast milk is flowin' and the baby is growin'.
By displaying the Support with Integrity badge and signing the pledge, I agree to hold hands and help mamas get what they need to make breastfeeding work for them, no matter how they choose to do it. If a mama and baby are making it work, I'll stand and cheer them on from the sidelines.

What are your thoughts on Supporting with Integrity? Check out some of the these other Mamas in the Breastfeeding BlogHop hosted by The Slacker Mom and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined and  The Gnome's Mom  and link up your own post!

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  1. i always say if milk is flowing and baby is happy...then what else matters! thanks for signing and thanks for linking up!

  2. I signed the pledge, too! Thanks for sharing!


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