06 April 2011

Toying to Trying or Doing, since there is no try...

Well, I leaped or at least hopped into the world of official WAHM (Work at Home Mom). Milk Bubbles is now a brand and a store name. Yay!!!! In the last 6 hours I have already received more support than I thought I'd get in a month. Not that I don't think I'm loved, I just happen to have lower confidence in some areas. So Milk Bubbles is born!

For now I'm offering Nursing Covers, Burp Cloths, and Nursing Pads (all matching of course!); but by the end of the year we hope to have all natural soaps and natural wood toys. Where we go from there only God knows!

My immediate goal is to get this off the ground and build up enough of a base that Jake can focus solely on school and not have to take on another job. The boys and I kind of like having him around the house, so it'd be great if we actually get to see him during this next season of our lives instead of just a few minutes in between school and work.

Wish me luck and prayers are appreciated!

You can check out the FB page here. Planning on having a website/webstore set up by this fall!


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