Who We Are

2 Sleeping Babies started out as a Potty Training Chronicle...*mmhph* sorry, I just about burst into laughter about how much I thought I knew and my "plan". Yeah. You can check out some of that and laugh at me too...go ahead I'll wait here. Yeah, you know my big secret? It didn't end there, but I didn't want to eat the crow that came with telling the rest of the story, but I did in Potty Training: The Non-Glossy Version.

Then. Flats. And. Handwashing. I had a crazy idea to see if I could diaper my baby for free. Apparently it was crazy enough to attract some attention.  It stroked my ego enough that I decided to make blogging more of a priority.

Now we're back to potty training with child #2. Yeah, that means we talk a lot about poop here. What can I say? It's my life.

So meet my 2 (not always) Sleeping Babies:

Aedyn : He's the one I got to practice on first. He's 3, all boy, and might as well have a little curl right in the middle of his forehead. When he is good, he is very, very good and the sweetest little angel you've ever seen...but cross him when he's determined and he is the most horrid little tantrum thrower I've ever seen. He's our sweet bulldozer.

Jaron : He's the little brother at 18 months old. He gets bossed around and already gives almost as good as he gets. He's the one who will bring you books all day long and will sit a let you read to him as long as possible. He doesn't necessarily request a lot of attention, but doesn't want to be alone and prefers to be touching another living being.

And the rest of us:

Jake : He's the one who helped me make the two previously mentioned babies. We've been married for 4 years, but have been friends for 13. Lots of history, and I am so lucky that he puts up with my brand of insanity! He's the general manager for a locally owned restaurant which means weird, long hours, but we always have a place to go where everybody knows our names and are always glad we came. I absolutely love going into my hubby's workplace and feeling like everyone is genuinely happy to see me and the boys! (Heaven forbid I show up without the boys...)

Me : I'm Heather, I'm mom, referee, a passable but lazy cook, & I dabble in cupcakes. I love taking a tried and true product and figuring out how to improve on it. I don't pay retail prices unless someone holds a gun to my head, and if I can figure out a way to make something for an equal or lesser price I will. The fun is in the challenge! But my favorite challenge is raising these two little noises with dirt on them from rambunctious little boys into well rounded, responsible, loving men...and I even if I never succeed at anything else, I pray that, between Jake and I, they will turn out to be just that.

So that's us, we're all characters, and none of us are short on personality, but above all, we're a family. We're a team. And nobody and nothing is going to split us up. So hang on world, we're here!
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