28 May 2011

Fashion for Free ~ Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 6

Starting to wrap up the Flats & Handwashing Challenge. Today I'm featuring a cut down t-shirt, tomorrow I'll talk about overnight experiences and review my covers, Monday be sure to check back for an overview of what I learned this past week and what I would do differently had I know better!

An upside of using a screen-printed shirt is the slight
waterproofing in the back and seat.
FASHIONABLE! Not something you'd normally expect to hear when talking about covering a baby's bottom with old rags, right? I love my cut-down t-shirts for this reason. Granted, if I'm going out of the house I have to cover the cuteness up, but still, I know it's there! I much prefer cut down over intact even though it's limited to use on smaller babies (unless you're using a XXXL or larger). It's much trimmer than an intact shirt, easier to put on and can be covered if I do need to run out of the house.

Even through it's small and trim fitting, it has great absorbency. The covers are more than big enough to prevent leaks when necessary. The trick is to fold it so that the design is centered on baby's bum and you have cute designer diaper for free!

XL t-shirt cut under the collar and straight down from the shoulder
Front of shirt folded to make a soaker
Fold design vertically and rotate
Fold in half again
Pull top corner out to the side to begin the origami fold
Flip over, don't worry that it's not even at the top, that's why we add the soaker in  
Fold to a loose and uneven origami
Add the doubler/soaker
Add the baby, wrap and pin diaper
I'm thinking Thai-Thai needs to give me something
for all the free advertising they're getting!
 Every time I look at my baby now I want sushi....


  1. UM- I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

    SO CUTE!
    You rock!

  2. Cute pictures! I am impressed that you attempted flats AND pins--they intimidate me! Especially the pins part...right now my daughter's favorite thing to do during a diaper change is wiggle and twist away to try to find a toy...so yeah, pins intimidate me. :-P

  3. @Shelley

    The pins were nerve-wracking! I much prefer my snappi! I had to bribe Jaron with toys and things he isn't normally allowed to have just so he would stay still.


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