17 May 2011

How am I preparing for the Flats Handwashing Challenge?

Go check out how I decided to up the ante after writing this blog! It actually did take some preparation!

Well, honestly, I'm not.

It's so much a part of what I do everyday that there's not much to prepare. I am the proud, long time owner of 6 unbleached and 12 bleached Osocozy flats and 3 Ikea "burp cloth" flats; and although I don't need anymore, I'd love to get over to Ikea and pick up a few more of those!

I use Econobum covers and have 6 in-use covers and one new that sits on the reserve bench. I also have a Grovia shell which I love and will be using.

For over night, I'll do the same as I always do and snappi a flat with a pad folded flat as a doubler.

So there's the stash stats...

As far as washing goes, I still need to go pick up a clothesline, talk my wonderful hubby into putting it up and pick up some clothespins. I'll be using the bathtub to wash, because honestly, I have no desire to build something just for washing diapers. In the end, it's nothing that a little bleach water and a rag can't handle. My plan is to wash in the mornings and then let them line dry and sun-bleach at the same time, hopefully drying before it's time to put the dog out for the day.  Realistically, I'll probably end up washing every other morning, but I'm determined to get them out in the sun. Hmm, I wonder what the mailman will think since he might have to duck underneath them to get to box...


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