19 May 2011

Upping the Ante - Part II

I've found a couple of possible covers, I'm not going try them until next week, so check back for both cover and diaper reviews!

The first was brought up by a friend, she mentioned cutting up a rain poncho and pinning it like a second diaper. She has one she doesn't use, so I'll be getting that from her tomorrow. If I needed to I could pick up a poncho at the DollarTree or Walmart for anywhere from $1 -$4. Although it won't have elasticized legs, it should keep my carpet and and couch from getting soaked. I figure I'll have to change diapers fairly frequently anyway.

The other I discovered is a simple fleece scarf. Since fleece is a popular soaker fabric anyway, I know it will work. I could cut and pin, but wrapping and tying worked today!

Lay across baby's front and wrap ends of scarf around to the back, then cross.

Bring crossed ends through baby's legs
Wrap around to the back and tie!
This might be bit more difficult with a younger baby, you'd need to turn the baby onto his tummy to tie.
 I just stood Jaron up and it wasn't a problem.
This is the front. A bit bulky, but it will do.

When I spread out the fringed ends of the scarf it looked like this. Cute little Rumba skirt, too bad he's not a girl!!!


  1. What a neat way to make a cover. I bet it would work great at night as a wool replacement.

  2. What a great idea! This made me giggle. He looks like a little adorable peacock!

  3. @Alicia

    It does work great overnight, but I made a mistake yesterday and cut it in half trying to cut down on bulk, 2/3 width would work but half is really too narrow...


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