10 June 2011

Baseball games, Flash Mobs, and a Tweetup

We took the boys to their first baseball game yesterday! A historic milestone in the life of a boy!

Ok, let's stop right there. We ACTUALLY took the boys to a Tweetup hosted by Get Social Brevard to be part of a flash mob that just happened to be scheduled between innings 3 and 4 during the Thursday night game at our regional baseball stadium.

By the way, according to all the signage, our stadium just happens to be the spring training camp for the Washington Nationals. Who knew? I guess I'm supposed to be impressed, but other than it bringing in some extra tourists that will hopefully patronize my husbands place of employment, Pizza Gallery & Grill (yes, this is a plug, no they didn't pay me or ask me for it, but if you go, ask for Jake and if you're impressed by the service, I'd appreciate a little help with saving up for a new serger), it really doesn't mean much to me.

Now back to the boys. We weren't really sure how this would go. After all, Aedyn is only 2.25 years-old and staying in his seat is not his strong point. Actually, staying anywhere that he is supposed to be staying isn't his strong point. But we went, we watched a couple innings, we flash mobbed, hung out for a bit and then left.

Aedyn was more interested in testing random empty seats throughout the stadium and making sure all the stairs would hold his weight. He also liked being a part of the flash mob and getting to throw glow bracelets into the air. The video's not up yet, but I'll be sure to post it when it does.

Jaron was more interested in people watching and chewing on the glow bracelets. What can I say, he's teething like mad and isn't old enough to focus on the ball anyway.

Future Baseball stars in the making? I doubt it, if they are, then heaven help Jake and I! But it is a first and it will be documented as such, the tickets, the program, and the pictures.

I do wonder though, is it more remarkable that this was their first baseball game or that this was their first Tweetup or even that this was their first flash mob? Who knows? Because the times, they are a'changin'.

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