20 June 2011

Moneyless Mondays ~ Nursing Bra

I find myself in the middle of something that is half blessing/half curse depending on if you're talking to my husband or if you're talking to me.

Without going into numbers, we'll just say that walking into a store and just picking out a bra is not something I've been able to do since I was about 15. Special order or specialty shops have been the only places that even have a dream of helping me and since 2 days after Aedyn was conceived they just haven't cut it either.

Using a Safety Pin
Now I will talk numbers. When I got pregnant with Aedyn I went up FIVE cup sizes. Yup. I was already hard to fit and then I became next to impossible. I had one of the best specialty bra and mastectomy centers searching for anyone that could even maybe possibly fit me. Didn't happen.

I tried to "make one work" that was too small. Anyone who has nursed before can probably guess that it led straight to multiple clogged ducts. OUCH!

I finally found a regular bra that fit. So I took that one and decided to do surgery. You have to be pretty desperate to do surgery on a $75 undergarment and I was.

Sewn in hook and eye
It worked great! And it would work great for anyone who can't (or doesn't want to) spend a ton of money on post-pregnancy undergarments.

A quick snip of the scissors and a safety pin do fine if you have no sewing skills and/or no sewing supplies around the house. Just make sure you snip the strap and not the cup. The strap is less likely to fray and cup side will be reinforced for multiple safety pinnings.

I use a seam ripper to detach the cups from the strap and then sew in a hook & eye closure.

There you have it. Easy as pie, but cheaper!

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  1. Wish I would have learned this sooner, like 3 kids ago:) I have been through many different nursing bras and one that I finally found comfortable could no longer be found when I had my 2nd and 3rd. This is so simple and such a money saver thanks for the post!

  2. Five sizes! It's great that you managed to find a solution. 


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