03 June 2011

So What Are We Left With? Why I Want My Sons to Watch Princess Movies - Part 3

(This is Part 3 of a series on Why I Want My Sons to Watch Princess Movies, make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2!)
So in the year 2011, what are we left with? Girls who don’t know how to act like a real princess and boys who don’t even know they’re supposed to be looking for one.

In 2011 “Princess” is a word that is usually used to denote a girl who is spoiled, who gets everything she wants, when she wants it. The word conjures to mind fluffy pink boas and tiaras. It’s a title without substance, like a bon-bon or chocolate mousse, beautiful, rich, tastes good, but just really not a lot there when you take a bite out of it. 

A real princess was born for something altogether different. Literally. From the time she is born she knows she is special, not in an arrogant or biased way, it is simply a fact.

Now, for clarification, when I’m speaking about a princess, I’m talking about one who is expected to become queen, not just any royal who is born with a title.

A princess is a servant. She is a servant to the people she leads. She works long hours and makes difficult well-thought out decisions based on what is best for her country and the people therein.

A princess is responsible and to take responsibility when it is hers while at the same time being strong enough to not assume the responsibilities of others.

A princess is gentle and kind; she is sweet. She does not allow bitterness to enter her heart simply because she was born into a life and role she may or may not want. She does not allow her environment to control her actions.

A princess is self-controlled. She knows when and where it is appropriate to vent feelings and frustrations.

A princess shows respect to EVERYONE.

A princess is determined. 

A princess is gracious. She forgives mistakes and offers second chances.

A princess is disciplined.

A princess is courageous.

Princess Grace of Monaco
A princess has manners. And she knows how to use them!

A princess has poise. She is dignified, self-confident and composed. 

A princess has integrity. Who she is inside palace walls is the same person she is in front of the masses.

A princess expects chivalry. Of course she was able to open her own door and carry her own books, but she shouldn’t have to. She is worth a million bucks after all, she deserves special treatment!

I want my sons to watch princess movies because I want them to marry princesses!

Does that mean I expect my future daughters-in-law to be perfect? Far from it! But I do expect them to let my sons be their Prince Charming. To allow my little gentlemen to treat them like the ladies they are, no, scratch that, I want them to insist my little gentleman treat them like the ladies they are.

But, in that case princesses have to be taught, they have to know that they’re valuable, special, that they are worth the treatment that they should expect. I have to teach my daughters (God willing I should ever give birth to something besides a boy!) to not only be a princess but how to let a man be a prince.

When I first started with this series I had planned to include a post on how men need a princess to fight for, but as I feel completely inadequate to even touch that part of all of this I’m sure I’ll be directing you to Jake’s blog soon, or maybe I’ll have him guest and write a blog here.  

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  1. Ooh, please have Jake guest-write a blog on that topic! Thanks for your thoughts, Heather. They're really thought-provoking.


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