05 June 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Plans Unplanned

I thought I'd try something for the next few weeks called "Stream of Consciousness Sunday" it seemed like something fun to try out, so I hope you like it!


I had plans yesterday. Most days I don't, but yesterday for some reason I decided to have plans. Maybe because I knew Jake was working a double and wouldn't be around to have an opinion or maybe because I didn't wan to think about how long I'd be home alone during the daytime with both kids.

I planned to go to the mall. To window shop. Something I'm finding harder and harder to do now that I have a pretty active and opinionated toddler. But it was not to be.

Friday night I went to check on previously mentioned toddler and he felt warm. Two minutes later it was confirmed. Fever.

It really could've been worse, Aedyn is the type who curls up on the couch and alternates sleeping and watching a movie when he's sick. So all in all it was a very relaxing day and other than the fever, he wasn't really sick. Other than him not getting into trouble, yelling, or climbing on things he didn't act sick. 

Maybe if he had lost his laughter I would feel worse at not minding that my child was running a fever of 103F.


This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…
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  1. I have thoughts of doing things and then I remember how my toddler never listens when we go out and we end up doing drive thru or playing in the yard!

    Hope your little guy is feeling better!

  2. My son is 4 and only the last time that he was sick did he decide to do the sleep on the couch and watch movies thing. It was so relaxing for me! And then he was right back to normal.

    P.S. I love the way you spell Aedyn!

  3. I haven't experienced the sick toddler (yet-my time will come!) But just this past week I had my first evening out and about without the baby or the husband. I chose to go window shopping in the mall and it was blissfull. So what you're saying is that I should enjoy it while I still can? :)

    Hope your little guys is feeling better

  4. I had plans for Saturday suddenly change on Friday - although mine provided me with free time on my own (I would have had to work otherwise). Sometimes it's a blessing to just do nothing! :)

  5. I think their bodies just need a rest sometimes and thankfully we get one too. I hope he's feeling better and I hope you get to reschedule your window shopping. It sounds like a lot of relaxing fun.

  6. ohhhh... your poor sweet baby. It is so tough when they aren't well and yes, tough that we can't go shopping of while away the hours as we would like to do...

    grateful I met you via the socsunday this week. It is my first time....

    (and for some reason blogger is giving me a hard time posting comments lately!)

  7. Ha - I think the only plans that ever seem to go through happen when I plan to stop planning!

  8. sweet child! hoping he's all better & that the calm day energized you!


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