27 July 2011

Bombs Away! or Forced Day Out

We live in a house in process. To make a long story short, we started renovating a house and things didn't go as planned. So there are areas that still aren't finished 18 months later. In fact there are a couple areas that are open to the outside, well, really to the crawl space under the house.

Nothing too big, a heat register in the floor, a breach between the hallway flooring and the bathroom, and an opening in the water heather closet. Nothing that the kids can fall into or through or get tiny appendages stuck in. So no worries.

But it is enough that bugs are a part of our life. It got hot outside, it's cooler in here and there's openings to just walk right in. We handled them as we saw them, but for the most part it wasn't too bad. Then it got hotter. The sightings got more frequent. It got worse...and worse...and worse. We finally gave up on guerrilla warfare and just decided to nuke the place. That was yesterday.

It was nuts getting things tucked away and trying to get the boys ready and make sure that I had everything for the day. Please take into account that I'm an over-planner, so anything fewer than 3 extra outfits each and a 2 days worth of diapers for Jaron feels like I'm tempting fate.

We finally made it out the door. We get in the van and I become very aware that I hadn't eaten breakfast and Jaron hadn't nursed as per our morning routine. The temperature in the car was already approaching 90F and feeling hotter so we just headed to lunch.

We went Jake's restaurant and did the buffet. Strike 1, I can't eat a lot for my first meal of the day or I feel like I'm 9 weeks preggo and in a committed relationship with my toilet. Strike 2, Jaron is in this phase where he won't settle down to nurse in public anymore, he still is fussy, but he doesn't want to miss out on anything else that's going on. We managed to distract him with pizza bones, but he wasn't having anything to do anything that would remotely nourish him.

Moving on, we decided to take Aedyn to go see Cars 2 again. Not such a bad idea, except Jaron still wouldn't nurse down for a nap and I had to stand in the well of the theatre to bounce him to sleep. Success number one, I got back to my seat and was able to dream feed him for a few minutes. Strike 3, Jaron woke up, I got him back to sleep, he woke, I tried everything I could before I finally had to give up on seeing the movie (I HATE paying for a ticket when I can't see the whole thing, but what's a mom to do?) and took him out into the hallway.

So excited! And yes, we lost half the popcorn
 before we even sat down....
I then sat and tweeted while Mr. Fussy-Pants gleefully shredded a napkin and emptied the contents of the diaper bag. Guess I can't blame him, he's too young to really get the movie and to old to be content sitting still in the dark. Obviously this is his last movie for the next year and a half.

But we managed to entertain ourselves until we could once again reenter our abode.

I kept the boys in one of the rooms we sealed off while Jake cleaned the floors so the boys could wallow all over the place. Then, since we hadn't gotten any of the food prep area wiped down we headed to dinner. Grrrr. This is the second time we've walked out of one particular Chili's. The first we sat at a table watching the servers sharing  the section walk back and forth for over 10 minutes, we left. Last night we waited at the front for a hostess for nearly 10 minutes, and with a toddler, you know that someone had to know we were there; we left again.

The rest of the evening went pretty well, but I had no idea that bombing the house would be such a big deal. I'm ready for a new place to live, and it look like that will be happening soon! Keep your eyes open for our big news coming soon!

In the meantime...have you ever had to bomb or fog your place? How did you manage the kids while it was being done? Any tips for what to do if it doesn't work?

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