18 August 2011

Why Won't He Do that for Me?

My dad and I took the boys to Chick-fil-a tonight. As per usual Aedyn ate his meal and then took off for the playplace. It was a great night for it. Instead of being filled by school-age kids running around and knocking the preschoolers and toddlers over, the kids were all around the same age. Two - Four-year-olds, with one girl slightly older.

THIS is my life...he wanted a game...
We're sitting at our table watching them all through the glass wall along with about 5 other moms who's kids are in there. This older girl gets the undivided attention of all the rest, about 7 or 8 kids. She then proceeds to instruct them all to sit on the lowest two steps of the play area. Which they do immediately and without complaint or arguing.

Then, they all sat still and watch her perform cheers for them! They stayed sitting still for a good 5 minutes, maybe more.

How did she do it???? I wish I'd gotten a picture of all of them sitting still like they were, but taking pics of other people's kids...it's a grey area.

The other moms were amazed as well. Apparently Aedyn's not the only child who makes a practice of running all over the place and not listening, who knew?!?

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1 comment:

  1. That's awesome. It reminds me of my older sister when we were kids. She got us to do whatever she wanted.


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