04 September 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday ~ Zulily, Dogs, and Maids



I know Zulily is rumored to take a long time, but sheesh, If I'd known it was going to be over a month and still not shipped, I might've just paid full price. Note to self, if it's an actual need, don't get it from a flash sale site....

Put up our dog on Craig's List tonight. Had two responses already. Response #1, do people really write like that? Repeated words, no capitalization or punctuation, missing words...I could barely read it! So ummm, no! Going to let it sit until Monday and then start contacting people.

Still 2 minutes left. Tired, very tired. Need a vacation from my "vacation." Or a maid. or And a maid. But I'm the type who would clean my house because I knew someone was coming over...maybe I just need to have people over more often once we move, incentive...

Oh, I missed last week. Kind of took things easy while I was out of town. Planning on getting some things revamped this week and back into a routine with posting. Yay for flexible structure!

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  1. Zuilly takes forever. I have order stuff from them before. I buy organic clothing so it can be a cheaper to buy through them....by the time I got the clothing they were almost too small...lol!

  2. I must be living under a rock. I had to look up Zuilly. Blushing! Breaks are good to take every once in a while. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I have no idea what Zulily is but I think I'll stay away. I know about the kooks on craigslist. I've even written about it a few times! But what's up with your dog? Are you finding him a new home?

  4. I've seen the ads on others' blogs for Zulily, but I've never personally visited their site. They sale baby related stuff, right? I hate it when ordering something online doesn't pan out as planned. Is there a reason why they (Zulily) typically take so long?

  5. I've only ordered a coupon code from Zulilly, never actual things, but I hear they are the worst. As for other flash sale sites, I've had good luck with Hautelook, Gilt, and Dealomite, always quick, but less baby stuff.

    I hear ya about the maid, I would definitely be one to clean before they came. In fact my mom actually had a maid at one point, and she always picked up before she came, so all she really did was vacuum and the bathrooms.

    Good luck with your move, you going to rent out your current house or letting it go? We've often thought about moving out to somewhere better and trying to be landlords, but it seems like such a pain.

  6. What is Zuilly?  I have a cleaning company come every once and a while, but I find that I always feel the need to "straighten up" before they come.  That kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?? LOL

  7. I have never ordered from Zullily and I don't think I ever will.  I'm not a "deal buyer." I barely use coupons! And sorry to hear about your dog - but that is the right thing to do.  I know what it is like to have a pet you can't take care of. I had one as a kid :(

  8. Yep, Zuliliy does have a tendency to take a long time, especially if it's a popular item. I think the items don't necessarily come from the manufacturer directly..or I may have it backwards. They are good about getting back to you if you send them an email and ask about your order.

    As for Craig's list...I had to say no to people that could not use correct grammar or spelling when I list items on there.

  9. ok, hopefully I'll shrink out of this soon, but I still need it ASAP... *sigh*

  10. Nah, I didn't know about it either until recently, and I keep finding out about new sites similar to it! Happy Sunday!

  11. Yeah, we've decide that we're moving into a townhouse or apartment in the next few weeks, we won't have a yard for him anymore and he'd be miserable indoors all the time,

  12. Baby, Kids, Womens, Toys, Decor, Maternity, Nursing...stuff I just depends. I ordered a bra. They have to get it from the manufacturer, who in my case is in Europe, and then they ship it to the buyer. Some sites are quicker than Zulily!

  13. I was also under the same rock re: Zulily, but I don't really use those kinds of sites either. And I hear you on the maid. I fantasize that I'll hire someone to come in and deep clean my place every couple of months, but I always feel too embarrassed by the clutter to actually make it happen.

  14. I think this is my first and last go round w/ Zulily...they just had the only bra I can wear for 75% retail and they're $$$...probably wouldn't be such a big deal if my other wasn't falling apart.

    The house is a complicated mess, but short answer, no we're not renting it out. Waaaay too much hassle to be landlords!

  15. Zulily is a site that has sales 40%-90% off of retail but only has them until they're sold out or for 3 days (give or take).  That's why I doubt I'll ever spring for someone to come clean for me, although I had someone when I lived overseas and adjusted...hmmm, must think about it more!

  16. I think my heart just stopped! I'm not a big couponer, but I very rarely(or never) buy retail! It's against my religion! LOL. I hate to give the dog away, but I also can't subject him to apartment living, thanks for the kind words and stopping by today.

  17. Ok, good to know about Zulily, I think they do get them from the manufacturer, which would explain the time lag, this would be coming from Europe!

    It's funny, I can barely read the craigslist email, and she's emailed me twice more asking me about the dog, and the other 2 weren't any better than the first. Just makes me question how well she'd care for the pup if she can't express herself clearly...is that bad?


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