04 October 2011

And It's Official!

For the past 4-6 weeks I've hinted, mentioned, and danced my way around the details of some changes that would be happening in our life. Finally, the official announcement has been made and I can share!

Yesterday was Jake's 33rd birthday and he was officially announced as the new General Manager for Pizza Gallery & Grill!

He's been working for PGG for about 15 months. For the first 12 months he was a server and then qualified as a server/trainern July, right before we were about to move to Tampa a position opened up as PGG's version of a shift or closing manager. Jake was training for that position when the opening for GM was announced. He put in his resume about 3 weeks ago and it was officially announced and his promotion took effect yesterday.

It'll be some long hours and a lot of hard work especially through the transition and then the holiday and shopping season coming up. We'll definitely have to make some adjustments as a family. But I know we can do it and we couldn't be more thrilled!

The past year was definitely up and down. We'd have a night where Jake would get 2 tables and walk with $12 when we were $15 short on bills and then there were nights in a row where he'd come home with well over $100. A server's pay/tips is definitely an adventure!

I am so proud of my husband for working his tail off and doing his best at everything he did (And does, that hasn't stopped!). I know he was discouraged and frustrated more than a few nights (and so was I), but it has paid off and we are so grateful and feel so blessed by this opportunity! Really looking forward to this next phase of our lives!

Oh, and last night I found a belt that's been missing for over a month, how's that for a cherry on top?


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