06 October 2011

Breastfeeding by Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A young Jedi was completely dependent upon the Force. However, a Dark Lord of the Sith saw this dependence and was jealous. So he devised a plot and through his dark powers became aware of every moment that the young Jedi would commune with the Force. The Sith Lord would then descend , lightsaber in hand, mind set on reclaiming the attention of the of the young Jedi’s Master. The master dutifully fought of every attack and learned never to allow the young Jedi to drink in the Force without a lightsaber close at hand. She became quite skilled in battling the Sith while protecting her young student and his absorption of the life-giving force. Eventually the Dark Lord gave up, he learned the power of the Jedi Master and her lightsaber skills and began to plot other ways of attack when the Jedi Master was not present…but the young Jedi shall prevail, the Force is strong in him!

[Translation to Non-Geek: For awhile Aedyn would attack us with a lightsaber while Jaron was nursing, I would keep another lightsaber close by and we would battle while Jaron finished eating. ]

This is nursing multitasking with boys! I can also have a lightsaber battle while pumping…not that is strong in the Force!

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  1. hahaha. That cracked me up. And I've never even seen Star Wars! But it's a great idea to keep playing while nursing the littlest one.

  2. The Star Wars antics and breastfeeding are a subculture that has yet to come to light. It plays out daily in my home, as well. Thank you for writing this fun post!

  3. Awww, that is precious! I  love that you found a way to make it a fun thing for you and your older son :)  ~Melissa


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