28 October 2011

When A Lightsaber Is Not Enough

A couple weeks ago I wrote Breastfeeding by Star Wars.

While it's a good description of what often happened, it's not the whole story, sometimes a lightsaber just isn't enough.

Truth is, how Aedyn works into mine and Jaron's nursing relationship has changed and changed and changed again.

At first Aedyn didn't really seem to notice. He'd play and I'd make sure that he had a cup of something to drink.
"Jaron eat me?"

Then for a little while he wanted to nurse again too, but he couldn't remember how to latch, so that was a no go. But he decided that he would "help" and hold my breast for Jaron to nurse from. That was so cute and sweet! But then he started trying to dictate when Jaron was "all done."

Of course phases of "helping" tended to alternate with times where every. time. I. sat. down. to. nurse. Jaron. Aedyn would have a potty training "accident" or would do something else off limits that he never tried or did when I wasn't nursing. It was those times that reminded me to give him a bit more attention during Jaron's naptimes. Fortunately that phase passed with the help of Star Wars and completing potty training.

As Jaron got older and more distractable, I had to change things around a bit. He was too distracted to nurse enough (to few wet diapers) during the day so Aedyn wasn't allowed to be around. Jaron needed to focus. Ultimately that led to the crutch of the electronic babysitters by the name of Disney and George Lucas (Star Wars).

Now Jaron primarily night nurses and is mostly weaned during the day so there's not to much issue. Aedyn sees Jaron nursing for hunger and comfort and on occasion will lift his shirt and try to get Jaron to nurse from him if he thinks Jaron is scared or hungry.

We've had to talk about girls and boys, and who can make milk because of that. I'll be honest, I'm kind of afraid that Jaron will take him up on the offer and then bite because there's nothing there! Can't even imagine what kind of chaos that would cause!

Jaron will be 1 in a week (AHHH!) and I'm starting to think about our next baby and how far away that will be. I'm not sure if I will tandem nurse or not. Depends on supply and how Jaron handles the change in taste/consistency. I'm hoping that Aedyn will prove to be a distraction and buddy for Jaron once I'm nursing #3 and that will make the transition and process easier for him.

Or maybe I'll just have to nurse hands free all the time so I can have a lightsaber battle going on both sides of me...

Who knows? Anyone have advice for nursing #3 and keeping a toddler and preschooler occupied at the same time? Share your thoughts here and link up your own posts on nursing #2, #3, or more with the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!


  1. This brings back memories.  My oldest was two when the twins came home.  And when they would no longer nurse with distractions around things went nuts!

  2. I would get in some good nursing sessions in the morning before the other 2 woke up.  Then, if we went on outings like MOPS, the other 2 would sometimes nap in the car so that led to car nursing... then there were the movies and Netflix at home to help distract them.  We have a fenced in yard so I would nurse while the older 2 played outside.  I feel like I never have a routine, so I just nursed on demand and wherever I was I made it work somehow.  I just recently repainted my living room as a result of nursing #3 while the other 2 drew pictures on the wall ( just a warning not to have writing instruments around while nursing) LOL!


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