13 November 2011

There And Back Again

So I've been a bit out of pocket this week.

It's no secret that we've been planning on moving for awhile, we were pretty excited about it. But every time we tried to nail details down, something just wouldn't solidify.

We applied for the apartment, but the office wasn't sure for awhile when it would be ready, so we waited.  And waited.

Then we got the go ahead, and the appointment to sign the lease changed twice. Then we found out that Jake wasn't going to have a day off this week.

Throw some more life in there and things just became chaos.

So this past week I haven't been on Facebook (personal or Blog page) or Twitter and I haven't blogged at all.

I feel horrible about the abrupt stop, but this is the first chance I've really had to catch a breath.

I skipped church and there's a van full of stuff waiting to be unloaded. I'm not worried, God knows I needed rest and the van'll wait till tomorrow.

So that's a bit to catch up. I'll try and post some more this week, maybe not every day, but I'll at least catch up with my BF Blog Hop!

Wish me luck getting everything organized!!!!!!


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