16 January 2012

The Magic of Facebook

It's ok, I'm pretty sure she was
wearing this outfit right along with me
circa 1987
Facebook just won me back as fan. Not because of anything they did but how they made me feel. And not "them" exactly, but just what happens through the service they provide.

Last night I go back in touch with a girl who became my best friend when we were both four. We haven't seen each other, talked, or even been within 8 hours of each other in 17 years, although our moms stay in contact through Christmas cards.

To some that's not as much of a big deal as it is to others. But to me it's roots.

I'm an Air Force Brat. I've lived in 7 states (and Florida two different times) and another country, I've lived in at least 19 different houses. Tetris has nothing to do with why I can pack & stack as well as I can.

I have a hard time answering the question "So, where are you from?" and don't understand the question "Well, which place did you like best?"

I am  nomad and a TCK (third-culture kid). It feels like until last night, I've had no past since 13 years ago. (Yes, I have family and extended family who love me and who I know and see at least every year or so, but it's not the same.)

I'm now back in touch with someone who is part of some of my earliest memories. I don't know if we'll rekindle any sort of tight friendship, we haven't talked in years! We've both changed a lot, she now has a son who is the same age that we were when I moved away...talk about hard to wrap your head around! But I'm just excited to see her and her family and say "Hi!"

I have roots. Maybe not many, maybe widespread. But I have roots...

Has Facebook or another platform ever helped you reconnect with someone from your long lost past? Share your stories and come join me on Google+, Facebook, and/or Twitter!

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  1. They've won me back, too! I used to hate Facebook, mainly because I was "friends" with a lot of people from high school that I never really like. After cleaning up my friend's list, however, I've come to love Facebook for the fact that it makes it so easy to stay in touch and share parts of myself with the people I care about.


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