02 February 2012

I have a THREE Year Old!

February 1st, 2009
On February 1st, 2009 I was woken up by a gush of water. I took my time getting ready to go, took a shower, ate a poptart, all while waiting for contractions to start and meandered into the hospital about 3 hours after I woke up still without having felt a contraction.

Aedyn had been pretty active all night, even at 41 weeks he was still turning flips, usually a couple times a day. He still executed a couple flips once I got to the hospital. The Dr and I decided that we'd try a version and wrap my stomach to keep him from flipping back, I'd have to have an epidural, but if I wanted to still try for a vaginal delivery it was our only option.

Seven minutes after the version Aedyn was yanked into the world via an emergency cesarean section. We found out that his umbilical cord was only 6" long (normal is around 24") and the version had yanked on the cord/placenta and they had lost his vitals.

February 1st, 2010
He was 100% healthy, even though he was at extremely high risk for jaundice, his bilirubin counts were more than perfect.

There were some definite memorable moments within this larger one:

~ Hearing the Dr open me up and say "Where's the baby?" Aedyn had flipped breech and balled up in my ribcage on the way to the OR, he DID NOT want to come out!

~ I had thought he was a girl, so when the Dr kept saying "he" I was a little bit in shock.

~ Getting to hold him in bed with me as they took me into recovery

~ Being able to breastfeed as soon as the wheels on the bed locked, the nurses being all for it and telling me that they'd never seen a baby latch so perfectly the first time. (I can not tell you how healing that was after feeling like I'd failed giving birth to him, I did know how to do something and I was successful!)

February 1st, 2011
After that most of the rest of the day was hazy, my mom was there and my sister in law came by. We turned the SuperBowl on and slept through it. We were just left to be a family and stare at our new little guy.

Aedyn's personality is no less dramatic than his entrance into the world was. He knows how to draw attention to himself like no one else I know.

His is occasionally called shy, however, he only started acting that way when he figured out that people gave him more attention than if he actually talked to them! So, best bet, ignore him until he realizes that his act won't work and he'll be chatting your ear off for the rest of the day.

He's got all the strong-willed determination (stubbornness) and passion that ever existed on either side of his family and he is definitely his own person. It often evidences in showing a lot of love and loyalty.

February 1st, 2012
He may always have to do everything himself and refuse even the slightest guidance (unless he asks for help, and sometimes even then!) but he doesn't allow for any doubt that he loves us all. He also knows that if he's in trouble and comes behind me and gives me a "ssage" (massage) on my shoulders he can get about half his penalty knocked off...wonder who taught him that???

So Happy Third Birthday Aedyn-Bug! I hope you have a great time at you Star Wars Birthday Party on Sunday!


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