06 March 2012

Cupcake Wars Fail

I have been watching too many episodes of cupcake wars lately.

It started when I was trying to get ideas for Aedyn's birthday party but has continued past that.

Two nights ago I decided to experiment with some devil's food cake mix I had.

I figured I'd try and improvise a turtle cupcake and a peanut butter cup cupcake. ONe I had more success with than the other.

The turtle just didn't work out the way I thought and was totally inedible.

The Peanut Butter Cup ones did great...I just used too much peanut butter and the chocolate was completely lost.

Oh well, better luck next time...

Have you experimented recently? How'd it turn out?  If you want to hear more about my 2 (not always) sleeping babies and the rest of the family you can follow us on Google+Facebook, and Twitter!


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