19 March 2012

Puss In Boots Promotes A Nudist Lifestyle

Or semi-nudist.

Aedyn & Jaron are on a Puss In Boots kick. They just love this movie. And being that Aedyn is 3, he wants to be Puss In Boots.

Well, guess what? Puss doesn't wear a shirt. And Puss doesn't wear pants. As I was informed.

Puss also doesn't wear underpants, but Aedyn needs something to use as a sword belt, so apparently underpants are an acceptable stand in.

I guess I should count my blessings that Aedyn knows he has to wear clothes when we leave the house. But the second we walk in the door he strips down to, you guessed it. A hat, underpants, and of course, boots.

I think it's cute...just hope everyone who walks by our porch when Aedyn is outside in nothing but boots and skivvies agrees with me!

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