24 May 2012

Handwashing Diapers! ~ 2012 Flats & Handwashing Challenge ~ Day 4

Check out my thoughts from earlier this week:
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Just in case you missed what's going on, nearly 500 people have decided to use only flat cloth diapers and wash those diapers by hand for this entire week! Crazy? Not really. You can read the reasons behind the challenge in this post from Dirty Diaper Laundry.


2011 Ikea Flat  - Origami Fold w/ leg contour
Ahh, Day 4. We are officially halfway through the challenge!

The biggest thing that I have noticed this year is how much easier it is to handwash diapers from a potty training 18 month old than it is a 6 month old!

I didn't keep up with doing individual diapers, so I figured I would be spending quite awhile washing. Lo and behold, I only had 4 diapers & 2 covers to wash. Nice.

That's not to say that I'm enjoying the handwashing...speaking of which, hold on while I go disinfect my sink...thanks. It's a pain, it's killing my hands and it's one more thing to do. But if it were this or washing out and reusing disposable diapers? I'd definitely rather spend a dollar or two on hand lotion.

I also changed my washing routine up today, I still wash in the bathroom sink. I scrub each diaper individually. But once I'm done with the actually washing I squeeze them out and them set them aside. The first 3 days I rinsed each individually under the tub faucet. Today I rinsed them in the sink. It's just easier to stay in one spot, plus simpler than bending over the tub.

I'm interested to see how things go tomorrow. I'm going to be putting a flat into our Flip training pants since we'll be out and about all day. I've tried putting a flat on a standing toddler in a public restroom before - definitely not worth the effort and frustration!



  1. I love your photo for this post!!!  And second the hand lotion notion!  Poor babies that have to rewear disposables :(

  2. Do you like the Flip Trainers?  We're headed in that direction and I am starting to pick a few up here and there.  Good luck the rest of the week!  Also- it's Breastfeeding Blog Hop day if you've got time between washing and blogging about the Flats Challenge.  This week we're talking our Top 3 Tips for Breastfeeding!

  3. Cute picture! My hands are dying, too. Not so much from drying out, I'm just getting blisters from all the wringing. Not fun! But I suppose if this was long-term they would turn into callouses :) ~Melissa

  4. I think this is the first post I've come across that mentions training pants. I haven't seen or tried the Flip training pants but they sound like a good idea!

  5. I love the cover/insert combo, but Jaron's waist is so tiny that they really don't fit well for us. I'm toying with the idea of making my own smaller side panels, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  6. The wringing definitely doesn't help, hope they're feeling better this week!

  7. They're great for kids that are already wearing 18-24mo pants (without allowing for diaper fluff), but a little big on us. but we use what we have :)


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