14 May 2012

Manic Mommy Monday ~ The Cost of Catching Up

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Jake was gone the second half of last week, he was at a conference in St. Louis. To battle my insane jealousy I decided to catch the house up for once and for all from when i was sick 2 months ago.

I got 7 loads of laundry wash/dried/folded/put away, 3 loads of dishes run through the dishwasher, the boys room, kitchen, dining, & living room all cleaned and vacuumed.

I still have about 5-6 loads of linens to wash, plus the dirty clothes he brought home ,and I'm not even going to look at my bedroom. I had also wanted to get a couple sitting projects done like packing up the boys too small/too big clothes and filing all of our paperwork for the past year that is currently taking up one of my laundry baskets.

Like I said, I'm behind...

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the progress I made, especially with two little boys underfoot, but I was out of the online world even more than usual. This week will probably be much the same since I'm trying to at least keep on top of the dishes and get the linens washed.

But I have a new reason for trying to knock out as much housework as I can and then keep up with the maintenance as I go.

This past Thursday I won "free for life" hosting on WordPress Engine. Since cost of hosting was the only thing really holding me back from moving from Blogger to Wordpress I'll be building and migrating over there hopefully sooner rather than later.

Sooner, because a few months ago I won a blog critique from Momcomm and I would love to get the critique on the new platform instead of the one I'll be leaving.

If you want to hear more about my 2 (not always) sleeping babies and the rest of the family you can follow us on Google+Facebook, and Twitter!

I'd love any tips on WordPress in general and especially on moving over there! I'm hoping to spend a chunk of time on Wednesday working on that and getting some posts written up from my coming soon list!


  1. What a great win! I recently made a commitment to myself to stay off of the computer and my iPhone unless TG is sleeping. That means naps and after bedtime only. It's been hard, especially with the business so my blog is suffering. But my house is cleaner and my son is happier. 

  2. I would definitely call that an accomplishment! I also have two little ones and the amount of housework has piled up to an unbelievable amount. My husband had been out of town last week and left again this morning...I  also have been so far behind on blog stuff and etc.

  3. Great job! So glad you won the free hosting. Now, if I could score something awesome like that I'd be thrilled...oh well. One step at a time. Good luck on catching up. I know how hard that is. I had that problem a little while back and took a computer break.

  4. Congrats on the win!  And on getting so much done!  I wish I could say the same on my end.  I have been working on switching over to WP but it's slow going and I'm not ready to buy my site yet.  Make sure (when you get time) to let us all know how you like it!

  5. Great commitment! I've tried to make that one, but they tag team so I'd never be on! My plan once I get the house caught up is to take an hour or two in the morning when hubby is home to play with them and then when they are asleep. I'm teaching Jaron to put himself to sleep now, so hopefully that will help me have a little more time at night.

  6. Nice to know I'm not alone! Hang in there!

  7. Thanks! If I'm not caught up by Saturday then I'll be taking a computer break for sure!

  8. I definitely will! Good luck on your move too!


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