10 August 2010

Potty Training : Days 1 - 4

The Challenge: Potty Train an 18mo old boy without using Pull Ups or falling back into diaper.

The Tools: 20 pairs of Hanes size 2T briefs (Fruit of the Loom and Gerber want a 20.5" waist for their size 2Ts, Hanes only asks for 18", A's waist size is 17.5"); plenty of rags, soap, and hot water (washer and dryer would be helpful, but not neccessary)

The Timeline: I originally planned for our week long potty training intensive to begin Aug 23, we would not leave the house and he would go try to potty every half hour. Right, he must not have gotten the memo. On Thursday morning while sitting at the table drinking juice he said "Mama, potty. Potty." not know that those words would change his little life forever. I didn't think much of it, but we'd had the potty chair for a few weeks, he knew what it was and I'd set him on a few mornings just for kicks. When a child asks to go potty, you don't say no, so I took him and was in shock when he not only peed but pooped. That afternoon I returned from Walmart with underwear. I had planned on waiting until the next morning to start, but when i got home I realized we were down to 1 diaper, so there seemed to be no time like the present to just go for it.

The Plan: Take him to the potty every 30min or so throughout the day, pile on the praise when he goes and tell him "we'll try again in a little bit"  when he doesn't. Remind him that we pee-pee in the potty when he has an accident, but not belabor the point or punish him.

The Results:

Night #1 - dry through the night, but didn't quite make the potty after he got out of bed.
Day #1 - Great SUCCESS, 1 tiny trickle accident and that was it. (We were out of the house all day until bedtime too)

Night #2 - 3am woke up from having an accident...guess the stress and over-stimulation from the day didn't help very much
Day #2 - Slightly less successful, an accident for every time he made it.

Night #3 - Dry through the night, woke at 6am to go potty and then went back to sleep until almost 9am.
Day #3 - Great SUCCESS, only two accidents and pooped in the potty!

Night #4 - Stayed dry for 12 hours, but didn't quite make it to the potty once he woke up.
Day#4 - Mixed Success; he announced "Potty. Potty. Potty" every time before he went, but was either headed to the potty, or didn't get his shorts down in time. Glad he's making the connection and verbalizing, but a little frustrated that we still went through 6 pairs of underwear today. He has started trying to get his underwear and shorts up and down by himself too, yay!

Stay tuned for tomorrows update!


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