10 August 2010

Potty Training: Day 5

Night #5: Awoke up about 2am screaming (after having an accident) and wouldn't stop crying for about half an hour, then wouldn't let me put him down. Jake finally was able to take him back to his own bed around 330. Not sure what was up or if the accident and crying were related or not...clean pajamas and clean sheets, going to have to do serious laundry today or tomorrow.

Day #5: Great SUCCESS, went potty in the potty all by himself! (as luck would have it, he was bare-bottomed at the time and I'm sure that helped him out some). Then, while at Chik-fil-a , he went as soon as we got there and after he finished eating said "Mama" and pointed to the bathrooms, so I took him and lo and behold he did have to go and told me in enough time that we made it! YAY! A couple accidents when we got home, but one of those was at the potty, so no fault there.

Now I have to make a decision. We're traveling to Tampa for the weekend later this month, according to my original plan A would've still been in diapers for the trip. Now however I'm stuck. I'm pretty sure that he'll do fine for the 3 hour car ride over, but he'll have to go into a new church nursery and I'm not sure what their policy is for potty training, much less a potty training/ed 18 mo. old.  Common sense tells me that I should just pick up a pack of Pull-Ups and use that just for the service, but my stubborn streak tells me that I said I'd never use them and certain places should just freeze over before I'll put them on my child. Practically, I don't want to pay $10 for 1 or 2 Pull-Ups and then have 20+ just sitting around my house. *Sigh*

I do think we're going to do a trial nursery run at my parents church this weekend. The classroom he'd be in has a bathroom in it, so if he needs it it's there; but he's been going so long between times, that he might just make it through the service. I guess we will see how that goes and then play the rest by ear!


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