16 August 2010

Potty Training: Days 9, 10, &11

Our DSL has been (or has always been) persnickety, seems like our neighborhood is not ATT's top priority and the storm night before last kept me from updating. So here we go!

Night #9: Perfect, nights are going well and I think that outside of having alot to drink right before bed or eating watermelon for supper we're well past worrying about any accidents in this dept.  So, unless some remarkable regression occurs I'll leave off my nighttime reports, yay!

Day #9: This was Aedyn's first completely accident free day! Or would've been if I'd been more focused on him, instead of the people waiting in line for the stall. We were out of the house all day, which I'm sure had alot to do with it and met my mom for lunch. Weeeeelllll, I took my sweet boy to the potty when we finished eating and several ladies walked in behind us. Being as there were only two stalls, I set him on, praised him for going pee-pee, and took him off; normally I ask if he is all done and if he needs to poop. Yeah, Tip #298 - When potty training your child, realize that their little digestive systems and bladders do not care if there was a long line of people waiting, they need to take their time. Needless to say moments after arriving back at the table I was forced to return to the bathroom to clean both my son and myself up.

I am also resolved to get the house picked up enough this week that I can get out my sewing machine and alter his underwear.  His waist is too small for training pants and all brands of underwear except Hanes, so we use those. Unfortunately, they are too big in the rear and unless pulled up or tucked under they don't do much better than boxer shorts. All that to say, anything remotely solid that comes out of him doesn't get held up in the undershorts, but falls right out the leg of his pants! Ooops....

I have decided that I will bend my pride and stubbornness and buy a pack of Pull Ups. Unless someone in the area has size 2Ts that they are willing to let me buy 2 or 3 of? Instead of 26... I think the accident happened during the transition between services when there were a ton of kids and the teachers were swapping out; add that to the fact that A has never had to tell anyone besides me or Jake that he needs to go. We also don't really wait for him to tell us, but just take him every so often and if he tells us in-between times then pile on the praise. I had thought, even planned on him having an accident and wasn't really surprised when he was wearing different pants at pick-up, what shocked me, however, was finding out that it wasn't just a wet accident. As unlikely as it seems, it did not even cross my mind that this was a possibility. A kept a fairly regular schedule as far as that goes, and him having a bm in the morning is pretty much unheard of. Well, go figure it happened at church. I feel horrible that they had to deal with that! So in light of that occurrence and the possibility of a repeat , he will be in a Pull Up in the nursery for our trip.

The rest of the day went very well, he was playing with my dad (his T-Com) and told him he needed to potty and then went when he was taken, yay!  So day times are definitely improving too!

Day #11: One accident this am, seems like that's when they are most likely to happen. I think I'm probably still groggy and not paying as much attention as I should and that's when he's the most distracted and playing hard. He also took off his underwear all by himself for the first time today...unfortunately it was not because he wanted to go potty, he just wanted to run around in his birthday suit, I'm trying to decide if this new skill is worth it! I also got tired pretty quickly of trying to put them back on him, soooo if you drop by unexpectedly at some point in the future there is a definite possibility that my son will be running around as naked as a little jaybird. At nearly 30 weeks pregnant, the battle of the underclothes is not one that I see worth fighting without good reason, but if you call first I will make the effort to have him clothed.


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