18 August 2010

Potty Training: Day 12 & 13

Day #12: Still getting there...the day went pretty well until I let A hold my 32oz coke during our trip to Walmart. I knew he'd sip out of it, but I did not expect to pick it up and find half of it gone in the first 10 minutes we were there! Well, we took care of thing there once then met T-Com (my dad) for dinner.  A did the first of two things that he has never done before within 5 minutes of being at the restaurant. He had an accident on someone's lap. *Sorry, Dad*  His second coup of the night was after falling asleep in the car (we had been in the car for quite awhile), I knew I should probably wake him up and stop in somewhere to take him potty, but I thought I could make it back to my parents house to drop my dad off. Nope. First accident in the carseat. I thought that I was being smart and had one of the Piddle Pad Deluxe in his seat, but either it can't hold the 8oz. of fluids that the package boasts, or my little bug had ALOT of fluids in him!

Day #13: I don't really buy into the whole lucky/unlucky thing, but today was more accidents than successes again. Although the successes were mostly accompanied by him telling me that he had to go, and the misses were accompanied by him telling me that he'd gone. Seriously though, with the heat and feeling very pregnant today I was really ready to just call it quits at one point. Not because he's not ready, but because I'm just tired. But I can't kick the baby out just because I'm tired of being pregnant and I can't let A do whatever he wants because I'm tired of rescuing/disciplining him...so we press on.


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