26 August 2010

Sewing Project #1 - Birthing Skirt

Somehow I ended up with exactly twice as much fabric as I need for the skirt, so there will either be another skirt, a nursing cover, or something else appearing in the same fabric sometime soon.

I'm going free-handed, so it makes it interesting than using a pattern, but I was able to find some tips on how to get the right measurements from A Mommy's Blessings and then I just kind of went on my own from there.

Skirt fabric - Black and Pink
I liked some lighter patterns better, but as this could very well end up covered in blood and other various fluids I decided that a darker color was definitely a better choice.

Not too thrilled with how it turned out, but all things considered it's not too bad and I think it will function nicely. I finished the edges to give it a cleaner look, but didn't take into account that I have curves and am carrying pretty low. I really needed to make a cut out for my baby bump if I wanted the skirt to cover all of my rear, but with a little improvisation it will work!

Finished Skirt


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