01 September 2010

Potty Training: Days 22 - 27

So a summary of the past 5 days is: If we're out of the house, perfect. If we're home, as far from perfect as possible. Finally put everything together in my head and realized where the issues started and what went wrong. In a nutshell I got lazy. I got tired of helping him undress so I started just letting him go bare-bottomed. While that worked for a day or two, but Mr. Too Intelligent for His Own Good realized that when he was bare there were no consequences for having an accident. He got to continue about his business while Mama cleaned things up. While he wore clothes he experienced the natural consequences of discomfort and having to take a trip to his room to have his clothes changed. *Lightbulb* he wears clothes in public and has no accidents, he goes naked at home and has stopped making an effort to get to a potty. Simple solution, but more laundry as he is having to relearn and remember that he is now wearing clothes. Hopefully this will put us back on track.

He did however ask to go potty at 4am (he was up from 3am to 6am this morning, for who knows what reason) I'll take the asking in advance, but could we maybe so that during the daytime too, please ?


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