28 September 2010

Back in the Thick of Things

After a 3 week hiatus I'm back, we're on Day 50-some-odd of potty train -ing/-edness and Thing 2 is about a week away from being allowed to arrive anytime. The house is once again being worked on (now that it's started to cool down some) and the dog has become more of an outside dweller than an inside.

Potty Training:
     We're still going back and forth on whether he's trained or not. For the vast majority of the time he's completely trained as far as #1 goes, unless he's had alot to drink all at one time (bad Mama call on letting him have his own cranberry-limeade and guzzle it all down in 10 min flat). Number 2 we're still having some battles with, he's having some success, but if there's an accident that's when it's going to happen.
     I've also reconstructed my opinion on Pull-Ups. I still feel that straight to underwear is more beneficial, but when we have to run errands and he hasn't had a BM that day...it's just less stressful and less messy. I might be less inclined to even use them that much if I wasn't carting around a watermelon on my front, but I am and so it works for now. He doesn't have anymore wet accidents than he does in reg underwear, so as long as that is not an issue I think we'll keep them on hand for when we have to be out and about all day long.

Thing 2 Update:
     We haven't had any more trips to the maternity floor and other than s/he being in the ready position nothing else has happened. I've been taking it easy up until now, but once I hit that magic 37 weeks I'm going to start into getting the house deep cleaned and back to where I want it to be. Of course, knowing kids, this baby will come when I'm in between cleaning spurts and everything is at it's worst! Some days I feel like I will barely make it to "full term" and others I'm sure that I'm going to go late again. Of all the things I can't wait to have again sleeping on my stomach and taking Advil top the list!
   Next week I'll officially start prepping for the arrival, getting clothes and bedding washed and picking up a few packs of diapers. I know I'm pushing it a bit, but anything I do now could likely end up undone by an unnamed toddler if I finish too early. We're going to have to have a talk about leaving clothes in the dresser drawers...

The House:
   I don't think I've mentioned on here that our house is a work in progress. (Or maybe I have.) We're in the process of rebuilding/renovating a 1945 3bed/1bath. It has come SUCH a long way since we started and even since we moved in, but stalled in about June/July. Part of the stall was due to simple burn out, we were exhausted and needed a break, then it just go too hot. We have a couple window a/c units, but in the heat of the afternoon with an outdoor temp of 100+ F, they just couldn't keep up enough for us to be able to work.
    We're trying to finish at least what we have materials for before the baby gets here. Two-thirds of the hallway is now finished, hopefully to be completed this week and then the finishing touches for the bathroom and nursery paint. The rest of the decorating will have to wait, but at least we'll be ready for it.  Depending on how things go I'm also hoping to touch up and trim the back bedroom and get curtains up at the very least; Aedyn won't be moving in until next spring, but it'd be nice to have it a little more ready than it is now.

The Dog:
    Cerberus is finally outside for more than 30min each day!! Yay! I actually think he might have accumulated 12 hours yesterday. He is so much happier and so am I. We're still working on getting a fence up so he can have more room to run, but he's doing ok on the chain for now. He's 8 1/2 months old and by my best guess over 60lbs. Note to self: he needs to come with me to pick up his flea/heartworm stuff at the vet next time so I can weigh him. Long gone are the days when I could hold him while standing on the bathroom scale and then subtract.

The Cat:
   In order not to leave anyone out...anybody want a cat? I am half serious, but going back and forth. Risa is very much a cat cat and I am not a cat person. I did ok when it was just her and me, she acted more like a dog in reality. But now...I don't know, maybe once I'm not so moody and hormonal (and cat-like myself ;) ) I won't mind so much anymore. The biggest thing that keeps me from trying to find someone who will love her better is Aedyn. He adores her and she does really well with him. So I really am not sure at this point what is best for her. Guess we'll see how she does when our family grows by 1 and take it from there.

My Projects:
   I'm going to try and get things cleaned and settled and get back to sewing next week. I really want to get the nursing cover done, but am almost afraid to start. Guess I just need to bite the bullet and do it!

Ta-da! All caught up...


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