30 October 2010

The Baby Who Cried Wolf...again and again and again

Well, this is actually the fourth blog I have written since publishing the last one. Maybe this one will actually make it out!

Baby is still cooking and unless something happens in the next 12 hours, will not be early for the party. Who would of thought that after our pre-term labor scare that we'd now be looking at overdue options, go figure! This child is crying wolf so much it's driving me crazy! I've met the "you can go to the hospital now" criteria 3 times in the past week (and a couple more the week before that), but not wanting to spending a minute more than I have to in the place I've waited it out and each and every time I've stalled out about 3-5 hours into it. *sigh* I'm thinking I might end up with a spontaneous home-birth just because I'll think things are going to stop and then it will be too late! On the upside, at least I haven't been to the hospital and then sent home 7 times or forced into a c-sec because of stalled labor...count your blessings, right?

After a week of wondering "what on earth have I done?" A is back on track with being potty trained. He started a growth spurt about the time some high level stress hit Jake and I and it seemed like he forgot what the word potty meant, until bedtime of course and then he wanted to go to the potty every 10 minutes...how convenient! Seems like going potty has become the cure-all whenever we ask or tell him to do something that he doesn't want to do. And people say kids are so innocent...little manipulator! :) He really is well-behaved, sweet, and loving, such a cuddler when he wants to be...but still an almost 2-year-old boys boy. And he's learning that he has pockets...who in their right mind puts pockets in children's clothing??????? I'm trying to get into the habit of checking them now because it won't be long before I'll ruin my washing machine if I don't!

Things on the whole family front are interesting. Just alot of things that haven't panned out like we thought the would by this point. Some in not so bad ways and others definitely not what we would consider good. I just remember Jake and I both thinking/saying at the beginning of this pregnancy, 9 months is a ways off, this or that will have had to change by then! Ummm, yeah...but by the grace of God we're making it through and will continue to do so.

Guess that's a quick update, the next one will be after the baby gets here, or while I'm trying to distract myself while in labor!

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  1. Love your blog, Heather, and I MISS YOU! Really hope this baby makes an appearance soon and SMOOTHLY. Have you in my heart in my thoughts lots these days... *hugs from SC*



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