01 September 2010

Early? Late? or Inbetween?

With a new twist on some old words "A baby is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." (Gandolf, LOTR: Fellowship of the the Ring)

Well, Thing 2 decided that if big brother was getting potty training attention then maybe it was time to make a bid for some attention of his or her own. Saturday I pretty much woke up feeling horrible, like I was coming down with the flu or something similar, but I got up and moving and started to feel better. By Saturday afternoon I was pretty convinced that I must have picked up some sort of bug, but Would periodically feel normal and wrote it off to exhaustion and tried to go to bed at a decent time and rest. Sunday rolled around and things weren't any better. I just wanted to take some Advil for the pain in my lower back and do nothing but lay around, which I skipped the Advil and laid around as much as I could.

By early afternoon I was thinking, this is starting to feel alot like what I used to go through every month when I was a teenager (long story short, I'd go into labor every month for 6 hours, experiencing contractions that got closer and closer and stronger until the 6th hour and then everything stopped and was fine). My next reaction was denial, I couldn't be going into labor, I was just imagining it, there haven't been anything but normal and perfect results and reports, Aedyn was a week late. I couldn't be experiencing preterm labor, not me! Trying to prove to myself that I was just being silly I talked to my mom (who like all good moms, tells me to talk to the doctor and at least get his opinion) and decided to time the "contractions" and wait an hour (I'd already been resting and pouring water into myself like I was a fishbowl.)

Turns out that back cramps were 5 min apart and a full contraction was happening every 4th cramp. So I called and was subsequently sent to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. At this point I was convinced that I was just imagining it all and would be sent home feeling sheepish, much like what happened the first time I went to the hospital thinking I was in labor with A. With him as soon as I was hooked up to the monitor all contractions stopped. This time they continued, while they couldn't get a read on the cramps in my back I was definitely showing mild contractions every 20min. So I got to take a shot of Terbutaline and then got to take another. The contractions stopped after 2 doses, and I was sent home on bedrest. (Sidenote: I do not recommend taking terb for the fun of it, I have never felt more jittery and restless and spastic...NOT fun side effects!)

Would the contactions have stopped on their own since they were mild? I don't know, but it wasn't worth the risk of having a baby born 9 weeks early. Especially since it was obvious that something had already been going on for 2 days. 

I saw the doctor on Monday and he didn't seem too concerned (off bedrest, yay!) and said that since the 2 shots stopped everything so effectively I probably wasn't headed into full labor, but it's better not to take chances this far out. Now it's just the wondering if this confirms the feelings that I already had and about this little one coming early or if this was a fluke and now Thing 2 has decided that it's not worth it and will hang in there until 43 weeks. Anyway, as I understand it, any more early escape attempts will be thwarted to the best of our ability for the next 5ish weeks; essentially until Jake's birthday, but after about Oct 3 we'll just let him or her come when they want.  Hopefully, not the 3rd as that day already has Jake and my dad's claim on it and a 3rd birthday would just make things crowded, but, if s/he's going to come early anyway, then I'd like to request Oct 10...cause 10/10/10 is just fun to write.


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