12 November 2010

And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

The moon is one of A's favorite things, he loves looking for it and whether it's night or day he gets very excited whenever he can see it, even better is when he also can see the "tars". Today we were headed to meet my dad for lunch; the moon was nowhere in sight, but from the back seat we hear "Moon!" repeated over and over. Well, lo and behold the sun was behind clouds of a particular opaqueness that allowed the sun's outline to be seen. I guess some things are all about perspective :) We decided to save the explanation for a couple more years and let the boy enjoy his moon:)

We've been home from the hospital for 5 days now. Things are starting to settle into a routineish sort of thing, maybe, if you want to call it that. In other words, we're still really flying by the seat of our pants.

A is loving his little brother to death...seriously, we're having to keep an eye on him for fear that J will be smothered or squished too much. Hugs and kisses all day long! Sharing toys and food. It's so sweet to watch. I'm very thankful that he's always been very much an independent player, he has always preferred to do things on his own, unless he specifically asks for help. He hasn't yet suffered too much in the attention dept because of that independence, but I know that will change as J gets older and sleeps less and needs more ____(fill in the blank). For now it works well and A seems content to cuddle with or without J in our laps as long as there's room for him too!

J is growing fast, how do I know? By the way he eats! He's starting to get himself on somewhat of a schedule, but it'll be a work in progress for another week or 2...same with naps. His dr says that he couldn't be any healthier is we asked him to, he's doing so well!  That's a big comfort to me, as it was with A, that even though my deliveries were far from ideal, my kids were both born and continue to be very healthy.

I'm recovering VERY well, most of the time I feel like I was never pregnant and didn't just have a baby (if you take out the sleepiness).  I've lost all that I gained (still need to lose some that never came off after Aedyn, but we'll get to that) and most of the time I feel great...just don't talk to me first thing in the morning! I thought I had a pretty good recovery with A, but this time makes the previous one seem excruciating! A big downside to that is that I do what I feel up to doing, push it and then my body reminds me that I had my abdomen sliced open only a week ago and I shouldn't have done that...oh well, pain is a great teacher! Really wish I could work out though!

Jake's done great putting up with my mood swings, so far nothing that quite rivals the mashed potato incident of '09, but there's still time. I love watching him with the boys, they're quite the trio already! I'll try and post a few pics next time, the ones of all 3 of them are too precious not to share!

So all in all our first week as a family of four has been a pretty easy, very natural transition...we'll talk again next week and see if I am still retaining my sanity :)

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  1. What was the mashed potato incident? I'm greatly intrigued!!!!!


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