04 November 2010

It's a BOY!!!!! Jaron's Birth Story

After finding out yesterday at my doctors appointment that I would have awhile longer before needing to talk about a C-section I relaxed considerably and had a pretty restful and productive day. I took care of the rest and Jake took care of the productivity!

That night was nothing too unusual, Aedyn actually stayed in his own bed and I got a pretty good nights sleep.

This morning was pretty typical, Aedyn came in and we all cuddled for a little bit before getting up for him to go potty...well as he gushed, all of a sudden Mama gushed too!

So we got breakfast and showers for everyone, called my parents to come get Aedyn and eventually meandered to the hospital. Once there we weren't sure for awhile if they would keep me. Turns out that the gush I felt was from a high leak and so it wasn't very obvious that my water had actually broken. We finally had confirmation about 3 hours later...then all the labor beds were full, so we sat in triage for another 4 hours.

During all this time (8 hours after water breaking) nothing was really happening, Jaron was REALLY high and sunny-side up, my body wasn't helping (in fact it was acting like I wasn't in labor at all)  and couldn't be helped along with meds because of my VBAC status. So around 530pm we decided to go ahead with a C-section for both of our sakes. (Upside, I will get to attempt a VBA2C with baby #3).

So at 6:49pm Jaron made his entrance into the world pitching a fit! GREAT set of lungs and a voice that is significantly lower pitched than his big brothers! 8lbs 5oz, 20.5" long. I was able to hold him for a little bit while they stitched me up and then he needed to go get blood work because I hadn't gotten enough antibiotics for how long my water had been broken and being Group B Step+. This was probably the worst part because there were soooo many babies (Jake said 9 in the nursery, another on the way in, plus all those in with their moms) that they weren't able to get to him immediately and it was an hour and a half before Jake was able to bring him back to me. By that point he was sleeping like a rock and wouldn't wake to nurse, but he definitely made up for it a little while later!

Aedyn couldn't care less about his brother at the moment, but it was already 2 hours past his bedtime and he was distracted by the room and all the buttons! We'll see what he thinks in the morning.

So now we are a family of four and doing great!


  1. Congrats again! He is adorable. That means I'm getting closer to my due date! Looking forward to hear all about having 2.

  2. Congratulations, Heather! I'm so proud of you and happy for you. Jaron is beautiful! Take care of yourself!

  3. Thanks for sharing your birth story. Isn't it just amazing?! Congratulations! Welcome to the world baby Jaron!!!!

  4. Great Job Heather! Glad to hear your little guy is hear and you both are doing well! It's so amazing to have a new little one around and my 2 year old acted the same way when he met his newest brother, more concerned with the tv and his dinosaurs, but we'll see what he says when he comes home and sees the baby is here too!
    Elizabeth T


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