29 December 2010

New Blog To Get Behind On

I started a new blog (What's For Dinner?) with my crockpot and quick & easy recipes. Even if no one else reads it it's easier for me to come on here and find it again than search through all my other stuff...

Once again I have started several posts, all which sit unfinished on my edit page. Oh well.

We're all doing great. Surviving the cold and figuring out how to live in two small bedrooms and trying to figure out how to warm the toilet seat up enough so that Aedyn will actually sit on it. He now stands to use the bathroom, which is ok, half the time :S

J is growing like a weed and seems to be following the same growth pattern his brother did, just a few ounces lighter and about .5" longer. He is a very happy baby and he and A already have conversations that I have no hope of understanding. Hoping to catch it on video soon!

I've been experiencing the downside this week of having a newborn who neither eats or sleeps like a newborn. Hello old unwelcome friend, I thought you would stay away for 6-12months, bleh.

Christmas was GREAT! There were parts that we can improve upon next year, but overall it was very relaxing and fun. We bought fabric to make our stockings next year and I'm planning on crocheting a tree skirt over the summer.

The New Year is only a couple days away I still have a hard time believing that this year has already come and gone. It does look like it will be warm enough to get our traditional New Year's Day picture on the beach.

Goals for the New Year: work out and make food. :)


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