03 January 2011

Molar, O Molar, Wherefore Art Thou Molar?

It's time for Two-Year-Old Molars!!!!!!!!!!!!Boooooooo!!!!

A hasn't had a whole lot of trouble with any teeth but molars. Fussy here or there, but molars bring out all the old wives tales. Low grade fever, no appetite, overall not acting normal, overproduction of saliva, cough (due to all the extra saliva). Not a fun time. I checked his throat and ears this morning with my handy, dandy otoscope, seriously one of the best purchases I have made. No redness in the throat, no ear infection, so I decided just to see if I could feel anything in his mouth, prayed he wouldn't bite me and threatened a spanking if he did. Sure enough, swollen and I can feel one of them trying to come through. Unfortunately, if this one follows the precedent set by his other teeth, we'll deal with this for a few days, everything will fall back down and we'll have a couple weeks before going through the same thing again...repeat 3 or 4 more times.Poor kid and poor parents!

J is still a model newborn at 2 months. Started sleeping 8 hours a night most nights (occasionally just 6 hours before wanting to eat), eats and then goes back down for another 4. He is so easy to get to sleep for bedtime and naps, pacifier (otherwise his thumb winds up in his mouth), lay him down on his tummy and viola! Out like a light. I've started using his Twinkle, Twinkle Little Scout that he got from Mimi and T-Com for Christmas. He doesn't really care for the musical seahorse and I want him to have something to take with him when he eventually moves into the nursery from our room. The nature sounds on the puppy seem to work pretty well for him and the light fades and brightens with the sounds...never realized, but it kind of seems like I'm trying to hypnotize my child to sleep...
I'll find out his stats on Wednesday at his Drs appt, but I'm guessing 11lbs 4oz and 23" without attempting to weigh and measure him here; we'll see if I'm right!

Time to warm up dinner, I think for 2011 Monday is going to be Laundry and Leftovers Day...hopefully I'll be able to get rid of all my excess food and dirty clothes on one day of the week this year!


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