30 March 2011

Too Much to Say - Learning to Keep it Short

I'm a thinker. I need time to process, form an opinion, and decide how I would like to present that opinion before speaking; but when I speak it is often fast paced and lengthy. This means that I'm often days or weeks behind people. It also means that I spend 2 weeks trying to come up with the perfect blog only to not have enough time to finish it and it gets left in my drafts folder never to be heard from again. So here I am, over 2 months since my last post, with 3 or 4 posts drafted but not complete. So my goal for April is to post once a week and not more than 2 medium length paragraphs. Think I can do it?

The boys are doing well. A's in a self-sufficient mode accompanied by a growth spurt that has aided him in becoming more self-sufficient. We're trying to get J to chunk up a little bit, Dr's not worried yet, but who knew that having too much milk could cause slow weight gain!?! Great info about Oversupply & Foremilk/Hindmilk Imbalance in this pdf.

I'm toying with the idea of selling the nursing covers I make. What I'm thinking now is 2 options: #1 Cover only; #2 Gift set of a cover, matching carry bag, and matching burp cloth. Still thinking about pricing, but would love some input in that area! I'm also thinking about offering a few other things, like wetbags, nursing pads, and possibly crocheted blankets; but I think I'm going to start out with one thing and then see what happens

And lastly for this evening. I'd like to announce that we'll be moving to Tampa later this year. Jake is going back to school and we've decided that the best program for him is the BSBA at USF. So look out Tampa, here we come!


  1. So I have been meaning to comment on this post for a while... TAMPA???? WOW! How is that going to work? Will Jake have a full-time job AND go to school? What about leaving your free babysitters (aka grandparents)??? Eek! So exciting but scary!

  2. Jake will work part-time and we'll make up the difference with loans. Not ideal, but we really feel like this is what we need to do. Leaving my folks will be really, really hard, but they aren't planning on staying in Melbourne any longer than they have to. It'll be something! haha.


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