09 May 2011

A pile of undies to a pile of undies

When we first started potty training Aedyn I could evaluate our daily success by the number of little pairs of toddler sized briefs in the bathroom. Depending on who cleaned him up there's be a pile or a line on the edge of the tub. The smaller the pile the greater the success.

Well, 9 months later I still walk into the bathroom and am reminded of the days success by the pile of undies in the floor, but this time the BIGGER the pile, the better. You see, as of right now I will never have to be the mom who is constantly asking/wondering "Does my child have on clean underwear?" Because every time he uses the bathroom at home he completely undresses and then goes and gets clean underwear. I'm often stuck in a quandary at the end of the day. I have 8 pairs of size 2T briefs, none of which have graced my child's bum for longer than  about an hour, maybe 2 at most. Do I consider them dirty? Clean? What do I do? Do I start forcing him to put the same pair back on? Will that backfire and cause a regression? Ahhh! The choices we have to make as parents!


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