09 May 2011

Origami Fold - with contour/poop pocket

I've had several people ask me how I fold my flat fold diapers. I say I use the origami fold, but I make a major modification as well. Maybe I should coin a new name! Anyway... I took some pics of how I fold the legs to actually make it contour to Jaron's little hiney. We haven't really had any poop leaks since I started doing it this way and it fits really easily under his covers. I'm not going to show how to get to the origami fold, but here's a great tutorial.

Tonight the part of Jaron will be played by Blue Bunny :)

Fold center up

Use thumb to contour the side to baby's leg

Create fold/crease to follow baby's side

Fold wing across front, then, repeat other side


From the back

Side leg view

This is the normal origami leg. Notice how it comes all the way down the leg?
And is open to allow fluids to simply flow out?
So there you have it!

1 comment:

  1. I do something similar with my Origami fold! I however fold my area in before I wrap it around baby. I've never had a leak either! I LOVE flats. They rock.

    I am so trying your way of wrapping tomorrow morning!


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