17 June 2011

Blast from the Past ~ I'm bringing Smooshies back!

My very first Smooshie...got him for my
4th birthday, maybe?

I'm a selective pack-rat. Or like my husband I just never want to get rid of anything because I think I can use it later. Or I can chalk it up to being a Military Brat and clinging to my possessions because they were the only things that never changed in my life. Or I just can't get rid of anything. You pick. Which is why my parents have a room full of all my old toys, clothes, and boxes of "memorabilia" sitting in my old room at their house. A room that my mom is still hoping to turn into a craft room...yeah...moving on.

My saving has actually scored me several points with my son and saved us quite a bit of money. A Casio keyboard for him to use, a Buzz Lightyear doll, from when the first Toy Story movie released, a board game, his beloved "Lady" stuffed animal from Lady and the Tramp. But the latest was his discovery of my Smooshies. Yes, they are over 20 years old, but I packed them away and they are still in really good condition.

The collection that Aedyn plays with
He loves them! He loves the vehicles, the animals, the smooshing into their tiny little houses. Out of respect for my husband I didn't get out the super frilly house and stable. Ok, it really had nothing to do with Jake and everything to do with having small pieces that I didn't want Jaron to end up with.

I don't know why these little polyester dolls didn't come back when the rest of the 80's toys made their encore in recent past, but I think it was a gross mistake. These are AWESOME! Well, at least Aedyn agrees with me...

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  1. I forgot all about these! Great toys for little ones- my kids would love them. My son smooshes stuffed animals into anything he can find, says its there home and carries them around in it- such as bags, boxes and jars...


  2. Wow, totally forgot about these! I think my smooshie made its way with my collection of popples and my pogo ball...

    Fun memories!

  3. @Shelley

    I tired to introduce him to the couple of Popples I have, but he wasn't so interested.Maybe when he's older or maybe one of the other kids will like them!

    Never had a pogo ball...haha, but my friend's did...I was horrible at, which is probably why I never had one myself!


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