16 June 2011

Milk Bubbles Explode ~ IT Rant

I am beyond frustrated and maybe even beyond angry at this point. We moved into this house and had our internet set up right at a year ago.

A one year contract.


We bought their modem.

Since then there has been a direct correlation between the rise of humidity % and decline of our internet service.

We live in Florida.

As you can probably guess, this wasn't an issue all winter since that's our dry season. But now it's summer. Not only has our bill skyrocketed now that our contract is up, we've had over 7 days now where there is either no service period, or it's so sporadic that I just have to keep an eye on the modem and rush to the computer to get as much work done as I can while the lights are green.

We called. We've waited the hour and a half on hold, only to hang up and try a different number (which actually got us directly through...hmmm). We've had techs out. We've had the modem replaced. EVERYONE that's been out here has established that it's not our end!

What we've pieced together from the symptoms is that it's our area relay. That it's getting humidity or moisture in it somewhere and until it dries out we are without internet.

Here's the kicker. Since we don't live in the best neighborhood or run off of a relay that has a high demand (not a huge number of AT&T customers in the 2 mile radius. We are not a priority. No matter that we're paying the same amount as everyone else and I'm having to use my phone (or Jake's) tethered to even post this. Good thing we were grandfathered in when data plans were changed and we still have the old unlimited data and tethering! Just hope we don't lose 3G...

But I digress, because we are not a priority no one will come out and take a look. We were told "you need to have someone come by while the problem is happening". Right, let me schedule the next rain shower for you. Just send someone to go check the seals on the relay, for goodness sake!

We would have just switched to another company, but can't really justify installation and such when we're moving in a couple months. So we deal, and I rant. Although if it doesn't get better by the end of this week, we'll be cancelling and just tethering the phones when we have to be on.

So, I'm going to try and get a few days ahead with blogs and schedule. Tethering works, but I can't tie up the phones all day long every day.

I'll be so glad when we move and can say BYE-BYE AT&T!


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