15 June 2011

Hey Good Lookin', What Ya Got Cookin'?

Looking for
something to cook

Aedyn has been eating like a toddler for the past few weeks. It got so frustrating that I finally just stopped making dinner because it wasn't getting eaten. He was living on 2 bites of this and a bite of that. Now I know that it's a fairly normal phase to go through, but still...

Getting the pot into the sink
So when he asked me if "Aedyn cook tortellinis?" at dinner time, I was not about to say no! Especially since they were stuffed with spinach and cheese.

Over the past couple months I've also found that he loves to cook. Whether it's just the involvement in what I'm doing or a true love of all things culinary is hard to say, but it's been fun!

Filling with water
I try and let him do as much as possible on his own, but certain things, like carrying a full pot of water, turning on the stove, pouring noodles into a boiling pot, and straining boiling hot noodles, I feel compelled to help out with.
Ready to pour tortellinis!

Our kitchen is still being remodeled, so our only sink is in the bathroom. He carries the stock pot and fills it with water for me.

While we wait for the water to come to a boil we have a science lesson. We put water in the pot, when it gets hot we see bubbles, then it turns to steam! It's amazing how miraculous these things are when seen through the eyes of a 2 year-old!

<<< The peanut gallery occasionally tosses in some comments, but is mostly just happy that he's being included in the conversation.

After we pour the tortellini in together I pretty much lose him. After all, who wants to stand by the stove for 14 minutes waiting for pasta to soften? By the time the pasta is done, he's concentrating on doing something else and I'm just doing good to get him to the table. YUM

This was his second helping, his first filled all three
sections of the plate, then he asked for more!

 I really hope that cooking is something he continues to enjoy. I always swore that I would marry a man who could cook because I am not a fan! I am very blessed because Jake is a wonderful cook even if he can't be in the kitchen as often as he'd like. I can't wait until his schedule gets back to a point where he and Aedyn can have quality cooking time! 

And *Bonus* if he learns to cook now, I don't ever have to worry about him going hungry when he moves out!

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  1. You know what ? If my kids cook with me- they ALWAYS eat what "we" made! Have him cook with you every night for a week and see if that changes his eating habits!!! <3

    Your kids are soooo cute!


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