13 June 2011

Moneyless Mondays ~ No Sew 'Found' Baby Sling Type 2

The Pleasantest Things video and blog that I featured last week inspired me to start looking around the house to see what else I could use to carry Jaron around in. Specifically I wanted something that I could use in the pool. I liked the t-shirts, but they do hold a ton of water, are hard to wring out and take forever to dry. 

I found my sheets from the the Flats Challenge Series! 500ct Egyptian Cotton Sateen, twin size flat sheet. This was supposed to be re-purposed (or upcycled) into cloth dining napkins, but it fits the bill just perfect for what I was needing. It's so simple that it's ridiculous, but it works GREAT!

*PLEASE check your DIY carriers with other heavy items before putting your baby in for the first time! YOU are responsible for the safety of your own child! Gallons of milk...bags of flour...dumbbells...the family pet are a few suggestions...

Fold sheet in half, longways
Drape over one shoulder
Bring underneath the opposite arm

Tie a Tight Double knot
The sheet should lay against your back and chest
along the entire length
Move the knot around to the back
Insert baby
Spread the bottom edge down to his knees
allowing him to sit in the naturally formed pocket
Fold the top back down to give additional support under
his bum
Make minor adjustments at your shoulder and at  his bum
until you are both comfortable
You can also position baby laying down in a hammock hold. I DO NOT recommend this type of sling for a baby who cannot sit up unassisted. For the hold I use it would be impossible to keep baby secure and the hammock hold could compromise baby's airway by bending the head too far forward.

If you do not feel comfortable using this type of sling or with the strength of your knot, DON'T USE IT! Go with your instinct and KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE!


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