26 June 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday - There's an App For That

I'm sitting here after finally getting my computer tethered to my Droid. Last week I was in a similar situation of having to tether, because my internet is once again non-existent. But last week I dug out my old phone, Nokia 71x because it's pretty easy.

When I upgraded we were fortunate enough to be able to keep our data plan, the old, unlimited data that they don't offer anymore. But my Aria won't tether without me paying for that extra service, something I'm not really thrilled with. BUT...


So now I sit here using EasyTether and going about my business and it's wonderful. No swapping out my SIM card from phone to phone, just plug in and go.

Kind of crazy to remember using dial up not too many years ago, and now I can use my phone for all my world-wide access...

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  1. i love that there is literally an app for EVERTHING!

  2. I love how technology has changed to make the world more accessible. I love my phone now, am addicted to Internet on my phone now, and it's amazing.

  3. I just got a smartphone in January. Not only is it my first mobile data unit, it is my first cell phone *ever.* Within a week I was hooked. How did I live without texting? I actually keep in touch with people more now. Being plugged in and connected can be a wonderful thing :)

  4. Ah technology...so good and at times so bad!

  5. I have never even considered doing this. I am so attached to my phone, so it is strange to think I have never blogged from it. LoL

    I will say that sometimes I feel too connected. I do wish I could unplug from time-to-time without stressing out!

  6. The sheer number and complexity of apps out there scares me. If we keep making apps for everything we need to do, what will humans do?

    We're app-ing ourselves into overload!

    But, I'm quite glad your app was able to assist you with your internet woes! (And I'm not really as robot-paranoid as I may seem!)

  7. Oh how I could have used that at the conference last weekend. Wifi was sketchy at best. My husband just got a 4G Droid or something. He promises tethering an unlimited data so I can have internet in the car!

  8. My husband just officially cancelled the DSL yesterday, so it's all tethering all the time now, the only limit I have on the road is the battery life on the computer! Maybe I need to check into a converter for that...hmmm


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