06 July 2011

Beat the Rush...for the bathroom

I live in a one bathroom house with 3 men. Only one of them is still in diapers.

It's not an uncommon occurrence in our house for me to see my husband pick up a book and take two steps; at that point I have jumped up and run to the bathroom yelling, "Wait just a sec!" and "Aedyn do you need to go potty?" Because it will be at least 20 - 30 min before the toilet will be free.

It's better now than it was about 9 months ago though. I was 8 months pregnant, Aedyn was newly potty trained and still very close to the point that when he said "potty" you had half a second to help him, or he was already going. I swore that I would never again live in a one bathroom house.

The fact that this house only had one bathroom was not a big deal for us when we decided to buy it. We were aware that it might be crowded around teethbrushing time, but we knew that we would mostly likely outgrow the place before any girl children would be old enough to hog the mirror.  Neither Jake or I thought about having a newly potty trained toddler who has decided he's big enough to use the big potty all the time combined with a VERY pregnant woman in addition to general usage.

At that point Aedyn refused to use a little potty chair, he HAD to be on the big potty. That's still his preference, but now if he sees Papa on the toilet he'll use the little potty. My lack of pregnancy has also helped manage crowd control a little better as well.

We still have our hang ups, but who doesn't? I'm sure that with potty training Jaron only about a year away even two bathrooms won't seem like enough some days, but we will live...my carpet on  the other hand, may not.

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