07 July 2011

Pregnancy Memories: If you can't say something nice...

I think near the end of a pregnancy nearly every blogger has a post essentially saying "People, get some manners or at least get a clue!!!" This is that post 9 months after the fact...

I heard about all the comments, etc with my last pregnancy, but never really experienced it myself. Well, until I was a week overdue and then I kind of got a kick out of the horrified looks when I told people I was past my due date. Really, did they actually think I was going to drop right there and have a baby in front of them????

THIS time...is it Florida? or what? I was about the same size as I was with Aedyn at the same point, all out front, but not as big as I was when I was overdue. And, (yay, me) from what I've been told, I'm one of those people who doesn't look preg from the back, but wait til I turned sideways and people freaked out.  I even still had a bit of a waist curve if you were looking at me from the front if the shirt I was wearing was tight.  So, seriously people, learn some manners or just stop talking! They started when I was about 24 weeks and kept coming. Seems like everyone had something to say and only a few are nice...I will forever love the lady in Chick-fil-a who told me that I was cute and seeing my belly made her miss hers!

So just as a reminder...

Pregnant people do not want to hear how huge/big they are!
If the baby WERE actually ready to come, then I'm pretty sure either I wouldn't be here or you wouldn't be.
Unless you're planning on sending a gift, it shouldn't matter to you if the baby is due any day.
If a pregnant person doesn't answer your question/ignores you, DON'T REPEAT THE QUESTION!

What were some of your "favorite comments" while you were pregnant? How did you respond?

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  1. The "You haven't had that baby yet?" questions were great ::sarcasm:: My son was a week late and although I wasn't big, I definitely changed shape so all of my coworkers were constantly asking when he was going to come out

  2. BTW the picture it is pulling is totally not mine. Very strange

  3. Oh my gosh- I was 6 or 7 months (with my first) and someone said "Oh wow- you're ready to pop any day now!" and I said "Well, I would hope not- I am only 6 1/2 months along...."

    Then when I was overdue with my 3rd, I was at Marshall's and someone said "When are you due???" I said "Today, actually." With a horrified look- they said "AND YOU'RE OUT?!" and I said "Well, I'm not in labor and I can't just lay around my house all day with 2 kids..." LOL

    But I honestly think my family was the WORST. My mother and grandmother told me how fat I was and how I shouldn't eat so much or of a certain thing. Let me say- I had a lot to say to them about the way they looked and what excuse did THEY have?

    Oh, the memories!

  4. I was lucky enough that most of my family kept their mouth shut, except my mom who just tried to force me to walk a ton, but all it did was exhaust me and I'd fall asleep as soon as I sat down anywhere!

  5. The one I always get is "I know what you were doing!"
    Seriously... its just awkward.

  6. Wow, yeah, I think that one takes the cake!

  7. You're right, it's mine...that's weird... and yeah, that question was one ignored, I also didn't answer my phone or my cell, I let people leave messages and I'd call them back if I felt like it!

  8. With the 3rd some people would say, "you know how that happens right?"  Then I had the time when I was bagging someone's groceries at work and she realized I was pregnant and refused to let me finish bagging for her, even though I had a 2 and 1 year old at home that I'm sure weighed far more than her groceries.

  9. Aww, that was sweet of her! I had to keep reminding people that I was allowed to do anything I'd normally do!

    I've heard that the comments go up to another level for pregnancies after 2...not looking forward to it!


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