30 July 2011


Can't wait to tell!!
Ok, after waiting and waiting I can finally spill the beans!

We're not moving to Tampa...and we're not moving to Tampa!

To make sure everyone's up to speed, 3 weeks ago our plans were set. We were moving across the state, Jake was going to start business school this fall and in the spring I was going to start work on a second bachelor's in advertising. We were both pretty excited to get back into school.

We were doing something because we couldn't keep living the way we have been. We were tired of being on government aid, we were tired of worrying about what we were going to eat, how to make the bills, and how to afford gas. We'd been doing this since Jake lost his job 18 months ago. We were managing on his unemployment checks, but when those ran out and he still couldn't find a job that would fully support us, he took the only thing that presented itself at the time, and the paychecks were significantly less than the unemployment had been, which was significantly less than his previous paychecks.

We saw going back to school as an opportunity for Jake to complete his degree and be able to add a couple letters to his experience filled resume. Hopefully with those letters and a rather expensive piece of paper he'd be able to get a better job.

The biggest downside was that we were going to have to pay big time for this plan to work. We were going to have to exhaust all scholarship options and take out all available loans. Jake was still going to have to work a part-time job while carrying a full class load and I was going to take classes for the extra loans money and to defer my previous student loans. That doesn't even include figuring out how to get over there, paying bills here, moving, supporting ourselves until he found a new job...but we knew that if it was meant to be then it would work out.

It wasn't going to be pretty, but we thought we could make it work for a couple years and then Jake would be able to find a well-paying career job. (We looked into me getting a job, but that scenario didn't put us in any better a financial situation and did throw us into a much worse emotional/mental one. Both of us working would mean that one of our jobs would pay only for daycare, which didn't make any sense to anyone.)

Ok, now you're caught up.

So, about 3 weeks ago, give or take, an opportunity opened up at the restaurant where Jake has been serving for the past year. One of the managers moved on. Well, Jake is now training for that management position! If all things go as they should, he'll complete all the training and step into the position some time in November or December! (Was taking the only job that presented itself last year perfectly divine timing or what!?!)

It looks like we'll probably be able to move out of our half-finished house in October sometime! Yay! We'll have central heat/air! Yay! We'll have a finished kitchen! Yay! We'll have a dishwasher! Yay! We'll have TWO bathrooms! Yay! We'll be paying off debt, but we'll be free of the government! Yay! We'll still be near Aedyn and Jaron's Mimi and T-COM (my parents)! Yay!

As excited as I am that this job opportunity opened up and seems to be working out, I'd be lying if I said that I was completely happy that we're staying in Melbourne. There are friends in Tampa that I was really excited about being close to, and goodness knows that the cultural opportunities are much more plentiful and diverse on that side of the state. I would've loved to be part of the Zimmerman Advertising School. Ah well...

It'll be exciting to see what the next 6 months will bring! I knew something had to happen this year because nothing else was scheduled! 2011 - promotion to a great job, 2010 - Jaron was born, 2009 - Aedyn was born, 2008 - we got married, 2007 - we got engaged...I like that kind of track record.

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