31 July 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday ~ Sand, Sand Everywhere


The beach always sounds like such a good idea to begin with. I get it in my head that the boys will love the waves, it'll be a good way to get them some outside time, and the water will help us stay cooler in the horrible heat and humidity.

Then it starts. I go through the process of getting the towels, diapers, changes of clothes all put in the appropriate mesh beach bag that won't hold sand. Drinks & snacks, cause whatever it is about sun and salt air that makes you hungry, will no doubt be out in force.

Then I start on us. Swim diaper, shorts and shirt for Jaron. Swim trunks and a t-shirt for Aedyn, argue about underwear under the trunks or not, argue about wearing too small sandals that I know he won't keep on for five minutes. Wait, go back, forgot to sunscreen them up. Get myself dressed in something that will stand the saltwater. Feel fat and frustrated b/c I can't find a swim suit anywhere that will actually fit my boy right now. Settle for an old pair of capris and a tank top.

Get everyone into the car. Get to the beach. In 30 seconds flat everyone is covered in sand...sand that will work it's way into every crevice, crease, and corner of our bodies, my van and my house.

The boys had fun, but I think I would have done just as well taking them to the local pool...


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  1. First of all, that is a gorgeous picture!!

    Hubs and I went to a fair yesterday. We went last year too, and it took us maybe half an hour to get everything together and get out the door. This year, with the TinyOne? Almost two hours. It's exhausting just getting ready to go somewhere!

  2. Good Girl Gone GreenJuly 31, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    I hear ya! It takes forever to get ready ad you try everything to make sure no sand...and what happens sand everywhere! Well at least your boys had fun!

    Great picture!

  3. The lasst time we were at the beach, my nearly 3 year old was 9 months old. I am STILL finding sand in my van!

  4. It seems like every time I try to do something fun with my kids, I find myself questioning if it's even worth it when I'm 30 minutes into "preparation." Then you get their and the kids whine...

    love your blog, following you!

  5. Ha! We went to the beach today (for the first time w/ our 17 month old) and I know EXACTLY what you mean! It was chaos getting to the beach, SAND IN EVERY CREVICE at the beach, then chaos getting back from the beach, then nap time.. phew! Great post. Happy SOC Sunday!

  6. HA! I kind of feel the same way. I love the idea of the beach. But sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth. I hate all the sand and the sticky saltwater feeling!

  7. ha! I was just saying to my husband yesterday that at some point, he and I would have to get over our dislike of the beach and take our son. It does not sound like a good time to either of us, but we figure the little guy should experience the sand and waves at least a few times in his childhood. Our luck he will love it and want to go constantly! Love the picture!

  8. Thanks, it's one of my favorites of them :)

    Someday's if I just make it to the car it's a miracle!

  9. That they did, now hopefully they'll forget about it and be content with a cement pond from now on!

  10. I've pretty much decided that some sand is inevitable since I live in FL, however, when it's half an inch deep in the floor beneath my toddler's carseat...that's when I get cranky!

    I don't think sand is ever really gone...

  11. Yup, I'm hoping it'll get easier once they get older, but I remember what I was like and my hope fails me...

    Thanks for the follow!

  12. But the naptimes are usually sooo good afterward!

    Headed over to your blog now!

  13. Yeah, didn't mention the saltwater. With that one I just tell myself that the minerals are good for my skin and hair. Or something like that...

  14. If you can, go while staying at a hotel, sand will NEVER leave your house!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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