12 July 2011

Chaos in a Bottle

It feels like the past 7 days have been a blur. Normally my weeks go by pretty fast, but this past one, well it sets a record. A lot of things popped up this week that may or may not drastically change our direction and our lives. There's not really anything to say other than that, but that it's resulted in a lot of praying and talking and thinking and hoping and not hoping. We're really at loose ends until probably next week sometime when I should know enough to actually say something.

Being what it is and what it's required, I've been thrown terribly out of routine. I completely missed posting on Saturday, and today's post is about 2 hours late. Now this isn't a horrible thing, but it's been a week where I'm always feeling like I've forgotten something (which normally I have). On top of that, we decided that not only must our dog find a new home, transitioning a 90+lb gangly 2 year old German Shepherd into apartment living just sounds like the plot of a bad horror flick; we decided that we'd try to find my cat a new place too. I don't want to give her up, but we really can't do $300 - $500 in pet fees and deposits, plus her and Jake's relationship is tolerant at best, but typically just functions as either at war or during a cease fire. I'll miss her enough, but both boys think she is the greatest thing ever. I think I see a small dog in their future sometime between Jaron being potty-trained and Baby #3 getting started baking.

Friday and Saturday I thought things might change in such a way that we could keep both animals, but by Sunday it was pretty clear that our next residence will likely be an apartment and I don't do litter boxes, plus she's happier with the freedom to go outside which wouldn't be an option in a complex. This morning I found out that a family will be by to pick the cat up tomorrow. We have a home for the dog too, just waiting on his new family to have a chance to come get him. All this plus craziness with Jaron's new eating habits and some weird diapers...it really does feel like chaos in a bottle these days. 

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