16 July 2011

One Hundred Plus!!! *Happy Dance*

Yesterday was my 100th post! Ok, so maybe it's not all that exciting, but it's a big milestone for me.

Next month will be a year ago that I first breathed the name Milk Bubbles and created this blog. It started out as a Potty Training Chronicle...sorry I just had to bust into laughter about how much I thought I knew and my "plan". Yeah. You can check out some of that and laugh at me too...go ahead I'll wait here. Yeah, you know my big secret? It didn't end there, but I didn't want to eat the crow that came with telling the rest of the story. That's next weeks mini-series. Potty Training: The Non-Glossy Version.

After that I updated here or there. When I thought about it and life wasn't too busy.

Then. Flats. And. Handwashing. I had a crazy idea to see if I could diaper my baby for free. Apparently it was crazy enough to attract some attention. The month of April I had a total of 200 pageviews, May's total was over 3,000. It stroked my ego enough that I decided to make a go of it. Not everyone stuck around (I mean 2 months ago, there wasn't a whole lot to stick around for, unless you just knew me), but alot of you did and have really made me feel like it was worth it.

In 2 months, things have really grown up. I actually made a decision to start writing regularly, daily even. I didn't know how much it would come to mean to me. I didn't know it would open doors to other things, like contributing. In the next few weeks ya'll can expect to see some guest posts and reviews from me on 29 Diapers and Babes In Cloth.

I've done a little Happy Dance every time I've gained a follower here or on Twitter or when someone else likes my FB page. So, if you haven't followed or liked yet, do it now (Google+, FacebookTwitter) and I'll do another happy dance just for you!

Blogging has worked it's way into my life. Now I just need to keep things going and start making it pay! Thanks for making me part of your lives and I hope you keep hanging around!

Comments! Advice? Complaints? Any topics you'd be interested in hearing about from me? I'm all ears!


  1. Major congratulations! I have been blogging for so many years that I forget those major milestones.

    From what I can see, you've taken to social media like a duck to water, as we used to say. You certainly make me feel like the new kid on the block. lol


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